Citizen's Review Committee

Our Citizen’s Review Committee (CRC) is an instrumental layer in our organization’s Pillar of Accountability.

Who is the CRC and for what are they responsible?

  • The CRC is comprised solely of community volunteers who are current UWSCC contributors.
  • CRC members are not board members, or otherwise stakeholders, of any UWSCC Affiliated Organization.

Responsibilities include:

  • Recognize changes in community needs; then, look for service gaps and address them.
  • Align UWSCC Impact Areas with current community needs; seek the Board of Directors’ approval.
  • Review program funding applications from Affiliated Organizations; which may include face-to-face interviews with applicants to gain more in-depth knowledge of an organization’s program mission and implementation and to verify the accountability of the program.
  • Make program funding recommendations to the Board of Directors based on the new year’s budget.
  • Review outcome reporting of the funded programs to see their impact on community needs.

They ensure:

  • Approved programs address a community need.
  • The programs align with both the organization’s mission and UWSCC’s mission.
  • Programs funded are unique to the Affiliated Organization’s mission so that there is no duplication of programs among organizations.

2019 Citizen's Review Committee Report

    By Cindy Rourke, CRC Chair

The major function of the Citizen's Review Committee (CRC) is to review proposals local affiliated organizations have submitted that address reducing the need for emergency services, teaching youth life skills, improving quality of life through health and advocacy, and helping adults through education and training.  There are 21 members of the CRC who live and work throughout St. Clair County.

Through this review process, the CRC recommended that 30 programs offered through 23 affiliated organizations be supported.  These programs provide a wide-range of services from handicapped ramp construction, shelter for homeless and displaced adults, counseling, home health and hospice care, after school programming for youth, and scouting to name a few.  In addition, the UWSCC directly supports 211 (call for help) services, Michigan Vocational and Rehabilitation to facilitate employment, transportation for the blind, and the UW Emergency Fund for unique emergency requests.

The CRC regularly reviews reports submitted by the organizations to assure that they have met local needs and that their program performance indicators have been fulfilled  To maintain awareness of trends affecting the health and welfare of its residents, the CRC also reviews demographic information about St. Clair County.  A number of affiliated organizations have attended CRC meetings to enable its members to become better acquainted with the services they provide and challenges they face.

Changes in social, health, and economic needs that many individuals in St. Clair County face on a daily basis are inevitable. The CRC is open to new organization requests, programs, and concepts.  A number of non-affiliated community organizations have been invited to its meeting to better promote awareness and understanding of issues and the services these organizations provide.

Transparency, Audits, and Financials

Transparency is a fundamental component of our organization.  An outside firm completes our annual audit.  Annual Reports, IRS Form 990s, and Audited Financials are always available on our website and in our office.  Click here to view these documents or visit us during normal business hours.
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