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Finance Director

The United Way of St. Clair County is a nonprofit with a mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of community to advance the common good. Part of the United Way Worldwide system, one of the world's most recognized charitable brands, we envision a community in which all individuals achieve their full potential.  Locally operates with a small, but committed and energetic staff to raise funds, enhance collaborative efforts and coordinate projects that will benefit the provisions of human services throughout St. Clair County.  All positions are multi-function in nature and are interdependent in order to assure efficiency and cost effectiveness to donors.  Each employee has two levels of functions their primary responsibilities and support responsibilities in each of the remaining core business areas.

The United Way is operated under the most stringent financial scrutiny and all staff members must be ever conscious of accountability and professional conduct.  All employees must be active contributing team players.

Position reports to: Executive Director
Position title: Finance Director
Position definition: Full time/Exempt.

Primary Responsibility: Maintain financial records, reports and accounts

Purpose: To provide accurate, accountable, ethical management of organizational finance transactions and records/reports.  To review, recommend and implement changes in processes and systems to maintain the highest levels of efficiencies and cost effectiveness within the organization.

  • Makes bank deposit slips daily and appropriately alerts staff responsible for physically making deposits.
  • Records all funds received and dispersed.
  • Prepare all billings, statements, and follow-up materials.
  • Run account payables check run and prepare all disbursements and allocations.
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial statements of all finances.
  • Runs Leadership thank-you letters/receipts as payments are received.
  • Maintain all records and files of financial transactions and supporting documentation.
  • Work with the Executive Director in preparation of the annual budget.
  • Maintain records on all reserve accounts and up-date Certificates of Deposit.
  • Maintain all campaign accounts and records.
  • Audits all Campaign Envelopes into Donation Tracker Software and verify accuracy as necessary.
  • Prepare IRS 990 and other tax forms.
  • Prepare all insurance audits and worker comp. requested by providers.
  • Apply for and maintain Solicitation License.
  • Work directly with auditor in preparation and presentation of the audit.
  • EFSP local board liaison.

Support responsibilities by Core business area:

To provide for consistent community messages through all aspects of organizational work and to assure accountability to policies.

Organizational Performance

  • Prepare, set up and attend all Finance Committee meetings.
  • Provide support as secretary to the local EFSP Board with corresponding responsibilities, applications, and reporting processes.
  • Rotate and purge files per document destruction policies.
  • Submit reports as necessary to United Way Worldwide.


  • Provide finance information for Annual Report


  • Filing for raffle licenses as necessary
  • Campaign account liaison  

In conjunction with entire staff prepares for, works during and cleans up after all major events and activities.  And such other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Minimum Requirements: Accounting/Bookkeeping Degree or equivalent experience, computer competence in Windows based programs.